Were you looking for Rat's "better" condition from the first game?

Withered Rat, also known as The Rat, returns as a secret antagonist in Five Nights at Candy's 2. He is a more withered, older, and destroyed version of the normal Rat. He is one of the most damaged characters from the game alongside with Blank.

He is a partner with The Cat on Night 6 and 8, and they both used to operate at an unknown location (later revealed to be "The Rat and Cat Theater," in FNAC 3, the first location before Candy's Burgers & Fries) as the seemingly original pair of sponsors of the franchise before they were replaced by newer animatronics.


While staying true to his original state, Withered Rat is more damaged when compared to how he looked in the first game. He lacks an arm segment, a leg segment and another half a leg segment. A few holes are around his chest, and the rest of his body stays the same. He also appears to have a lighter color, although that could be just the lighting.


Throughout Night 6 and 8, the only nights he appears in, Withered Rat acts both like a "wandering" animatronic such as Withered New Candy, Withered New Cindy, and Blank, appearing in the Central Hall and needing to be lured away by ringing phones, as well as taking the role of Withered Penguin by having his face obscure a camera before crashing the camera system and forcing the player to restart it.


  • Though his first game counterpart was named "RAT", the Extra menu names this incarnation as "The Rat". The reason for this is unknown.
  • He only appears in Night 6 and Night 8 alongside Withered Cat. This is also the butt of a few jokes.
  • He and The Cat are the only animatronics in the second game that can appear in the same room at the same time.
  • Unlike the other animatronics, he and The Cat will never disable the phones when they are lured from the main hall.
  • The Cat and Withered Rat are the only animatronics that are actually confirmed to kill the player, as the death screen after being jumpscared by them shows a news clipping of how Marylin Schmidt was found brutally murdered, whereas when the other animatronics jumpscare you, the news clipping only mentions her mysterious disappearance.
  • When viewing The Rat and The Cat in the Extra Menu, the music turns into an ominous trombone tune. This is actually the normal music in the extra menu slowed down.
  • In the bonus minigame, he is speculated to have a role in the first murder of the restaurant.
    • This may explain why he had been retired by the time of the first game.
  • He is also hinted in the minigames to have had a role in the destruction of Chester, and in the murder of a security guard, letting the blame fall on New Candy.
  • Alongside with The Cat , the Rat is potentially equivalent to Shadow Freddy and RWQFSFASXC. Both of them are only 2, have the same design interpretation and act as secret animatronics. The Cat could correspond to Shadow Freddy ( Based on Candy while Shadow Freddy is from Freddy ) while the Rat is equivalent to RWQFSFASXC.
  • When the Penguin disables the monitor, a box will pop up prompting the player to restart SaSS.exe. When The Rat disables the monitor, however, the text consists of strings of symbols, the only word being the “Restart” button.
  • Despite the personality similarity between the Rat and Springtrap , the 2 antagonists are much different. While Springtrap remain pretty slow and easy to predict, the Rat is very agressive. The potential of Rat's jumpscare is extremely high as demonstrated from the cutscene of Night 6 during the first game.