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Withered New Cindy, also known as New Cindy (Withered)) is a character from Five Nights At Candy's 2. She is the withered and old version of New Cindy from Five Nights at Candy's 1. She appears to look somewhat like Withered New Candy. She is first active on the first night, and, with the exception of Night 6 and Night 8, appears throughout the rest of the game.


She appears to be the least damaged of all the withered animatronics. She is missing an eyeball, left cheek, and coverings of her left leg, right arm, and right side.

She has a purple hue and a white front, with a rosy bow tie and cheek. She appears to be made of plastic, as in the first game. She has 4 fingers (including thumbs) on each hand, as in the first game, and three toes on each foot.


She first appears on the first night, and acts similarly to Withered Blank and Withered New Candy. She will wander from room to room, occasionally appearing in the Central Hall, in which you must lure her into another room with the Phone.


  • Because of her and New Candy's different appearance from the original Candy and Cindy, some people thought that the game was actually a prequel to Five Nights at Candy's 1. This was disproven at the release of the game.


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