Withered New Candy (also known as New Candy (Withered) is the mascot of Five Nights at Candy's 2. He is a broken version of New Candy.


Withered New Candy is a broken blue cat animatronic. He has a white face and belly. His eyes are brown in color. He has a red tie and red cheeks. Overall he looks exactly like New Candy, but broken.

His left eye is missing, which exposes the endoskeleton eye. He's also missing the white part of his left ear and part of the left side of his head. His right arm's suit is nearly completely gone while part of his upper left arm is exposed. Some of his tie and most of his lower belly is gone too. His upper left leg appears to be missing part of it's suit too.


Withered New Candy activates on Night 3. You have to lure him away from the Central Hall when he is there using one of the phones. He may disable the phone for ten seconds if the phone is kept ringing, though.


  • At first, most people thought he was a withered version of Candy shown in Five Nights at Candy's 1. This was later proved to be wrong; he is a withered version of a newer version of Candy.