Were you looking for Blank's "better" condition from the first game?

Withered Blank, or Blank the Animatronic, is a character from Five Nights at Candy's 2. He is an old and withered version of Blank from the first game. He acts much like Candy and Cindy. Although he rarely appears on the Fourth Night, he makes his full appearance on the Fifth Night.


Withered Blank is the most withered animatronic, even more so than Withered Rat and Withered Cat. All of his suit parts seem to be damaged in one way or another. A large part of the left side of his head is gone, exposing his endoskeleton. His upper left arm is missing its exoskeleton, while his lower left arm is gone.

His lower right arm is also missing its exoskeleton and his right hand is gone. All suit parts below his knees are gone. His texture isn't remotely white anymore, rather more of a gray/vanilla color. He seems to be moldy as well.

His endoskeleton arm and legs seem to be slightly damaged, although this might just be the shape of the endoskeleton. In addition, Blank's eyes look to be rather rotten, akin to Springtrap from Five Nights at Freddy's 3.


Blank sometimes activates on Night 4, but this is rare and he only appears later in the night, if at all. He seems to always be active on Night 5, however.  He acts much like Withered New Candy and Withered New Cindy, wandering from room to room. He is lured away by the phones as well. If you call a phone in his room, he will disconnect it almost instantly, deactivating it for a short while.


  • The childrens' drawings on him seem to be gone. This is likely because of age.
    • Upon closer inspection, the "mold" on his body appears to be the faded remains of drawings on him.