Hello everybody, this is Scientedfic, and I am an administrator for this wiki.

So some people are aware of the new crackdown on the security and rules. Welp, as PalomonsF has been quite explicit about, this is a zero tolerance wiki.

At least, according to him.

However, for me, I have much more tolerance (maybe not for breaking rules, but at least listening to them). If anyone has any complaints, they can file it to me, and I'll look into the matter.

Also, about the no new page about FNAC 2 and no new picture, that's cause of some intentional vandalisms that have occurred before. We want to make this wiki and community, and, at least for now, ask PalomonsF or me for permission to use a photo. Later on, perhaps PalomonsF will be kind enough to allow everyone to pitch in on photos.

There is also talk of hate on this wiki. Apparently, PalomonsF has no idea why so much hate is infused into this wiki. As a person who recently became an admin, I understand. We admins do get on people's cases very hard, and sometimes, we'll screw up. However, the worst thing to do is to hate at the adimin. This makes us very frustrated, and makes us somewhat irritated. So if you guys have any complaints, talk about it politely to me or PalomonsF, and we'll think about it (at least I hope we will).

If you got banned, and you feel that the ban is unjustified, talk about it with me, and I'll conduct a thorough research to it. Eventually, I'll see if the ban was justified or if I'll have to talk to PalomonsF.

HOWEVER, whatever PalomonsF says in the end IS FINAL. He is the master of this wiki, and I have little say in his decisions. I could influence him, but the last decisions are up to him. I will not attempt to berate him any further if he decided his decisions are still justified.

Whew! That was a bit of a talk! Anyway, we are still working on this wiki, and I hope that relations do get better with everyone.

Again, any thoughts or concerns can come to me. I will listen, think, and research about it before I judge.

Have a great rest of the time everyone!