The Recorder, also known as the Tape Recorder or the Tape Player, is a bonus mechanic in Five Nights at Candy's 3. When music is played through the recorder, the night goes faster.

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Using the recorder is not required to beat the night.


The Recorder is a

Animation when going to The Recorder.

gray tape player, with 4 stickers on it, including a pink flower, a rainbow, a palm tree, and a lion. It has 5 buttons on the bottom: Play, Pause, Stop, Rewind, and Go Forward. The Play button is green. Inside the tape player is a white tape labeled "my sleep music".


Only 3 buttons on the recorder are interactable: Play, Stop and Go Back. Players can play music on it by clicking on the Play button, stop it by pressing Stop, and rewind it by pressing Rewind. By playing the recorder, the night goes much faster than usual.


After an amount of time, the track will stop playing automatically, then the player must press Rewind button, this will slowly rewind the tape. If player wants to do this while music is still playing, they must first click on the Stop Button.


  • Next to the recorder, there is a teddy bear with a red shirt with text "Razz Bearski". This is a reference to the Youtuber Razzbowski.
  • The fact that the tape is the protagonist's "sleep music", according to the tape's description, explains why playing the tape makes the night go faster, as presumably the protagonist sleeps between night time.