Rowboatics Corp. Factory is a inaccessible location seen in the cutscenes in Five Nights at Candy's and is the main location in Five Nights at Candy's 2.


The only physical appearance the factory makes within the first game is in the end-of-night Cutscenes, but it is mentioned numerous times in an article that appears within the Parts & Services room. The article details an incident in the Factory, where some children were led inside, only to be killed within the machinery.

During the cutscenes, Vinnie can be seen to exist there, or at least take a temporary form.

In Five Nights at Candy's 2, the main character is inside the factory, where the inside appearance of the factory can be accessed.


According to a newspaper article seen upon completing Night 5 in the second game, the Factory was located on Saint Antonia's Road 27 and was owned by Rowboatics Corp.. It opened in 1962 for constructing animatronics. It was closed in 1993 after "yet another fatal incident" inside, one of 6 casualties throughout its history, the most remembered being a pair of twins being killed by the machinery in 1987. It's set for demolition in August 2007.

In August 2007, the player loses a bet to her friends. She has to stay at Rowboatics Corp. factory for a whole week, armed with only her camera flash and the security interface of the building. As revealed by Night 6's newspaper article, a fire broke out (potentially from the players actions) and it burned to the ground.


  • The Factory is the main location of Five Nights at Candy's 2.
  • It is speculated that the factory also has a lamp in one of the hallways.
  • According to Emil, the room the player is in is actually one floor above the factory seen in the cutscenes in the first FNaC game.


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