Primary Party Room is a location of Five Nights at Candy's, it is the starting location of The Penguin.

Main party room empty FNAC

The Primary Party Room before The Penguin has left.


The Primary Party Room looks like a Dining Area. It sports three doors on the right, one of which has a sign reading "Kitchen" above it. The wall at the back of the room presents a seemingly door-less archway that leads to Drawing Room. There are also differently colored stars hung up similar to the ones from Main Stage and Drawing Room. There are purple specks on the walls, too. A table with red chairs stacked up on top of it can be seen on the left of the room. Floors are black and white like the rest of the restaurant.

The Penguin always starts his nights behind the aforementioned closed kitchen door, opening it and leaving the area once he starts getting active.

The only other animatronic to enter and leave this area is Cindy.


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