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The Phones are an aspect of gameplay in Five Nights at Candy's 2.


In Rowboatics Corp. Factory, there is a phone in every room with a camera (six in total). The phones can be called from the Camera Panel by clicking on the icons with a green phone in them (making the phone red and rotating it), whereupon they will make a ringing noise which an animatronic can only hear if they are either in the room with the phone or in the Central Hall.

When an animatronic is in the Central Hall, ringing any phone in an empty room will draw the animatronic to that room. Upon entering the room, animatronics will attempt to disable the phone, making it temporarily unable to be called (making the phone in the icon black); disabled phones will become usable again approximately 10 seconds later. Quickly clicking the icon again when the animatronic enters the room will stop the phone from ringing and prevent it from being disabled. Only one phone can be ringing at a time, so knowing how to stop a call directly is key in surviving later nights.

Withered Chester and The Cat (though only some of the time), however, will try and break into the vents instead of wandering into the Central Hall. Ringing the phone in the room they are pounding on the vent entrance in will scare them away from the room. The amount of time a player has to safely do this steadily decreases as the nights progress.