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Not to be confused with the Phone Guy from FNaF.

Never seen by the player, and heard only in pre-recorded voice messages, the aptly named "Phone Guy" serves as your guide in Five Nights at Candy's. He teaches you about several techniques to help make it through the game, as well as providing insight into the idiosyncrasies of some of the animatronics.

Unlike his counterpart, his dialogue comes across as far more casual and less planned, resulting in his messages being longer and more rambling (especially in the earlier nights). His choice of words may also imply that his position is lower than the FNAF Phone Guy (who is theorized to be a Regional Manager or Site Supervisor)- with him being akin to a Shift Leader.

The Phone Guy is voiced by Emil 'Ace' Macko himself. Furthermore, he uses his natural speaking voice when doing so. He will call the player on every night except on Custom Night. Just like Five Nights At Freddy's, Phone Guy's messages get shorter each night, possibly due to him getting increasingly scared/distracted by other events.