Parts & Services is a location of Five Nights at Candy's, It's the starting location of Old Candy.


Cam 10 is most likely a Parts/Service Room, It contains various spare parts from an endoskeleton and The Penguin. The spare parts are placed on a table, This room has purple small triangles painted on the wall (Like most of the game's rooms) It contains Endoskeleton parts, The Penguin parts, And a blue screwdriver, It also has a black-white checkered floor, Notice that the floor looks like it's dirty, Probably grease from the spare parts.


  • This room looks like it only contains parts for The Penguin.
    • It also contains endoskeleton parts but are most likely endoskeletons used for The Penguin.
  • On the wall of the Room, a newspaper can be seen pasted in the wall, Which says "Children murdered in Robot Factory" The words below are almost unreadable as they're too small and the quality is bad.