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Night Vision is a main game mechanic for Five Nights at Candy's, and an imperative tool for surviving all of the nights. It is indicated as being active by a small white eye symbol in the top left of the camera display,Night Vision can be actived or deactived only double pressing on camera screen.

The Night Vision ability allows players to brighten up any room they are viewing on the Monitor,similar to the Flashlight in Five Nights At Freddy's 2. Many animatronics can be located on cameras without Night Vision activated by their glowing white pinprick eyes, though those that activate on later nights, being in poor repair (such as Old Candy and The Rat), lack glowing eyes and can only be seen with Night Vision.


When Playing on Mac OS, and loading it using wine, the Night Vision won't work; making the nights brutally hard.


If you activate Night Vision on Camera 05  when Blank is present, he will smash The Office window, ending your night if the proper precautions are not taken.

FNAC Night Vision