Were you looking for Cindy the Cat from the first game or Withered New Cindy from the second game?

New Cindy is an animatronic seen in Five Nights at Candy's 2. She doesn't appears in the nights; she only appears in the minigames and in the Extras menu. However, a withered version of her becomes active on the first night at 1AM. She also appears in the second teaser for the game.


New Cindy is a purple cat animatronic with a white face and belly. She has brown-orange eyes and two pink cheeks. She wears a reddish pink bowtie. Overall she looks just like the original version, but with a few changes. Her joints don't appear to clip into her suit parts anymore. She has smoother feet as well. Her two previously-sharp teeth are no longer sharp.


As said previously, New Cindy does not appear in gameplay but a withered version of her does. She only appears in the Extra menu, as well as in the minigames.


  • In her teaser, when brightened, text said "The Cat will return". This most likely refers to The Cat.
  • New Cindy is seen at the intro of the FNaC2 trailer.
  • Because of her and New Candy's different appearance from the original Candy and Cindy, some people through that the game was actually a prequel to Five Nights at Candy's 1. This was disproven at the release of the game.

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