Were you looking for Candy the Cat, Old Candy, or Shadow Candy from the first game, or Withered New Candy from the second game?

New Candy is an animatronic introduced in Five Nights at Candy's 2. He doesn't directly appear in game but is seen in the first teaser, the trailer, the extra menu and the minigames. His withered version does appear in the gameplay, though.


New Candy is a blue cat animatronic with a white belly and face. He has brown eyes and red cheeks. He wears a segmented red tie. He has a rounder body compared to New Cindy who has a curved body. New Candy looks similar to the normal Candy overall, but with a few tweaks. His joints no longer appear to clip in the suit parts. The teeth that were sharp are less sharp now. He also has more rounded feet. His cheeks seem to be slightly less rounded. He also appears to have hips now.


New Candy doesn't appear in gameplay, but his withered version activates on Night 3. He can only be seen in the minigames (in a pixelated form) and in the Extra menu.


  • Candy appeared at the beginning of the Five Nights at Candy's 2 trailer with New Cindy, performing on stage.
  • Because of his and New Cindy's different appearance from the original Candy and Cindy, some people thought that the game was actually a prequel to Five Nights at Candy's 1. This was disproven at the release of the game.
  • Emil Macko confirmed that he created a new body for Candy for FNaC 2.
  • The Night 5 minigame seems to imply that New Candy was framed for murdering the security guard by either The Rat or The Cat, leading to the animatronics being recalled.
  • At CAM11, certain blueprints/schematics are laying on the floor, most likely a drawing of the design for For Candy and Cindy. It is hard to tell if it is of New, Normal or Old Candy.

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