Marylin Schmidt is a 17-year-old girl whom the player controls in Five Nights at Candy's 2. She lost a bet in school, and is forced to spend five nights in an old factory. To get to the factory, she lied to her parents, saying she was staying overnight at a friend's house.

All she has is a cellphone to light up the hallway, cameras to see the animatronics with, and phones throughout the building to lure the animatronics out of the Central Hall and scare Withered Chester and The Cat away from the vents.

She is Mary Schmidt's daughter.

Game Over

1. If Marylin is caught by Withered New Candy, Withered New Cindy, Withered Chester or Withered Blank, a newspaper clipping will appear on the player's screen, saying that she never attended school the next day and is declared missing.

2. If Marylin is caught by Withered Rat or Withered Cat, a different newspaper clipping will appear, stating that she was found mauled to death in the factory which resembled a bear attack, but this is highly unlikely as bear attacks haven't been around for years. Plus, it was concluded that Marylin was murdered with a piece of metal in the factory. The Police Chief promises that he will bring Marylin's killer to justice.


  • She is the daughter of Mary Schmidt and Mike Schmidt, since she has the same last name, and her name is most likely derived from her mother's name (Marylin vs Mary).
  • She could be the cause of the fire that burned down the factory at the end of Night 6.
    • The evidence is that, according to the last newspaper, fire emerged from the warehouse section of The Factory, the place where the game is set and that the fire was most likely caused by overheated equipment, like a Maintenance Panel.

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