Main Stage is the room focused on the stage where Candy and Cindy perform, and is the starting location of both of them. Shadow Candy will very rarely appear here as well. Candy and Cindy will both begin the night here, and will return here if they are stopped by the player's doors after reaching the office. Shadow Candy can only appear here when Candy and Cindy are absent, though this is a rare occurance.
Cindy 2

Candy and Cindy on Stage.


The Show Stage has 7 stars hanging on a string from the ceiling. They are in four colours: green, yellow, blue, and red, in that repeating order. The wall behind the stage is made of grey bricks; when Shadow Candy appears, all the stars on the string will be purple.


  • This camera's angle is similar to the camera angle of the show stage in FNaF 2, where the the toy animatronics start off.


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