Five nights at candy s official candy by thesitcixd-d91utuv

Candy in Main Hall 1 with the map and static removed.

Main Hall 1 is a part of a hallway in Five Nights at Candy's. Candy and Cindy go through here. The Rat and The Penguin will also pass through here when they are approaching the right side of your office. If they approach your right side, you must close the door, otherwise resulting in a death.


CAM 2 is a relatively small room.

The walls are decorated with purple triangles, and the floor has a black and white checker pattern. As with every other location of the pizzeria, a cardboard cutout of Cindy can be seen here.

There are also two large entrances that lead to the Secondary Party Room and the Main Stage.


  • The checkered floor pattern is seemingly across the entire establishment.


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