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You take the role of Candy, trying to catch fish jumping out of the pond behind you. The goal is to catch as much fish as possible. You must also avoid catching trash that flies up with the fish as well. Catching a piece of trash will cause you to lose a life, but there is no penalty for dropping fish. When a fish is dropped, The Penguin comes to pick it up, and takes it away.

The setting for the game is a Pond, on a log bridge.

If you play the minigame until you get 9999 points, the screen will corrupt and you will be brought to a black-and-white low resolution minigame.

Glitch Minigame

In the mini game you play as woman walking around what seems to be the FNaF 2 Freddy Fazbear's pizza with multiple inaccessible hallways blocked by children. After walking around enough, you will find The Puppet, and it will start turning in to Vinnie and then a mix between Vinnie and The Puppet. It seems logical to assume you are playing as Mary in this mini game, some time before FNaC 1. After seeing this, the game cuts to static.

Lollipop Minigame

You must first talk to the Toy Unicorn, who will tell you a secret code:

red, red, red, red, green, blue, blue, white, red, white, blue.

Catch the fish in this order, though you must be careful to not catch the wrong fish. Once you catch all the fish, the Lollipop minigame will immediately pop up

In this Minigame. You play as a Unicorn trying to chase Lollipop, you jump over what seems to be wood stumps. Some short, some long. Eventually Lollipop stops, after that. The screen fades to black and Lollipop laughs.