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In this mini game, the longest and the hardest of all the mini games, you play as Candy, trying to make his way to the Dog Boss at the end of the game. You start with five hearts, and can replenish them throughout the map by breaking obvious or secret blocks in the walls. Doing so will give you either hearts, white wings which increase your jump height, blue claws which increase your scratch range, and/or orange claws which increases your scratch damage. You can also find +5 Hearts in at least two secret areas which increase your maximum HP. Once you make it to the Dog Boss and defeat it, the game scrolls to a section with texture corruption, and glitches to a mini game.

Glitch Minigame

In this mini game you play as RAT and have to reach the office while avoiding the other animatronics line of sight. Getting spotted will start you over from the beginning. It's likely this mini game explains what happened to the night guard before Mary. After seeing this, the game cuts to static.


To access the Lollipop mini game, you must first talk to the Race Car in the Deepscape, who will (specify what it will say).

In the game, collect 100 coins (some of which are hidden), but do not proceed to the Dog Boss. Instead, you must go all the way back to the beginning. There is a secret pathway above the entrance. Keep running right, and you will eventually reach Lollipop. He will make his speech, give his laugh, slowly creep up at the screen, and come to a minigame.

In this minigame, you must race Lollipop in a 1v1 car race. He gives you an advantage: while you only have to drive one lap, he must drive three. Once you defeat him, he will black out the screen, give a laugh, and direct you back to the main menu. You have just received 1/5th of the Lollipop Star.


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