The Cellphone Camera Flash is a gameplay mechanic from Five Nights at Candy's 2.


Due to its lack of lighting, viewing the Central Hall in front of the player is impossible unless they use the camera flash on their cellphone to momentarily illuminate the hall (by pressing SPACE); there is a momentary delay before the player can use the flash again. Using the camera flash will allow the player to see if there is an animatronic in the central hall that is approaching them and to react by ringing a phone to draw them out of the hall into a peripheral room.

It is the only major mechanic of the second game that cannot fail on the player, as phones can be temporarily disabled by animatronics, and Withered Penguin or The Rat can force the cameras to be restarted.


  • Although unknown, the cellphone is most likely a smartphone, as unlike normal phones, it has a camera.
  • The smartphone is most likely an iPhone, since it has a flashlight feature that is very bright.