• Charlie the web cat

    so there is game play live streams of fnac 4 so now i hope we are all waiting. and were all exciting

    and fnac world is back in development! I CANT WAIT!

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  • Charlie the web cat

    if you had this i cant change my profile pic please help me. 

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  • SilkBlue


    May 4, 2019 by SilkBlue

    Hello There I am SilkBlue, But My Freinds Call Me Blue,

    I am a Complety a FNAC gamer, I have Finshed The First FNAC game, im totally on the 2nd FNAC game, 

    I can't Wait To Play the 3rd Game of FNAC! ^w^

    I Can Spin Silk From Wrist, My Huge ButterFlyWings Can Glow, Attenas.

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  • SundewLeaf

    Hello Im SundewLeaf!

    March 30, 2019 by SundewLeaf

    Hi Everyone! Im SundewLeaf!, You Can Just Call Me Sundew! I am New Here To This Wiki & I also Come here For more Info Of Each Character Of FNAC ,  I Do Have All 3 FNAC Games on My Computer & i just Realized There is a 4th Game Of FNAC, i Can't Wait For it To Come Out! 

    Here's What My Full Body Looks Like! 

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  • Sherbii0


    March 19, 2019 by Sherbii0

    Just downloaded FNaC! Can't wait to play... Hopefully it's not as scary as people say it is...

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  • Jaden871

    My blog

    December 5, 2018 by Jaden871

    I like fnaf sonic not Mario but I do like Tom and jerry I’m 12 I’m in my super form

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  • Automatonophobia

    So, I don't know about you people, but I don't think Penguin in the second FNaC game is a hallucination. They might seem like one with the way they act, but I have a theory/idea. Somewhere in the factory, Penguin is inside a room. They're in to bad of shape to actually move around anymore. They hack into your camera system and procceed in shutting them down. This makes sense to me, since we see their full body in the Extras section. Emil could have just damaged their head, but he seemed to have done a bit of damage to their body as well. It doesn't really matter if they are real or a hallucination, since they don't have a lot of lore relevance. But I do personally think they are indeed inside of the factory.

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  • Niko-Giannis

    Hello everybody i the new admin of Fazbear's Fright Storage Wiki and i want to ask you if you want to help us to the wiki i ask all People like you to help me to this wiki I would be glad if we work together and help here is the link of the wiki thank you for your time

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  • Bentley marrott

    where is FNAC 4?

    August 3, 2018 by Bentley marrott

    where is fnac 4 emil? is it not coming out? i hope not because i want to see more fnac! it has to have funtime candy funtime cindy funtime chester funtime blank funtime blank (fixed) funtime old candy funtime old candy (fixed) and funtime RAT

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  • KingAlex105X

    wiki stuff

    August 2, 2018 by KingAlex105X
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  • MetalSonicRacerX11

    The Blank

    May 6, 2018 by MetalSonicRacerX11

    Would the blank animaltronic name be DRAW? I think his name is DRAW because it says it on the poster and he has some pictures on him. So that might be his name.

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  • The Wiki hopper 2

    Even after years of inactivity, you people are somehow both sane and active. That's something very few wikis can achieve. Keep up the good work!

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  • Indiemation
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  • Eggyeggster101
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  • ClonaClox9999

    Discord Text

    January 19, 2018 by ClonaClox9999

    Can we PLEASE get some text channels in the discord chat?!?

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  • Alexanderhakamai

    this object means something. so i was watching mark play FNAC then when candy shows up at the door this strange object appears on the shelf on cam 6, this object looks like alot like a blue pot ive been trying to figure this out for almost 2 days now can anyone identify this object?

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  • ThePolarazi1

    Member Ship

    November 22, 2017 by ThePolarazi1
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  • Imdanieljp


    September 5, 2017 by Imdanieljp
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  • Gasterhomeslice

    If the cat be came candy who did the rat become?

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    The CAT's real name is Candy. This is revrealed in FNaC 3 night 5.

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  • RWBYfan123

    I love Scott Cawthon not Emil Macko. I bet he's trying to compete Fnac with Fnaf. Ha! Emil Macko the monkey can't take away my Scott Cawthon. HA! Emil Macko is not even close. Scott Cawthon is so intelligent, he wrote books. Is Emil doing any intelligent in his life ? no..all he does is goof around the internet wasting his potential talking about games instead of looking for a job. Wow, and his only 20 years old, almost 21. I wonder what's going to happen to him when he turns 40 ? Well, it's none of my business. Life is going to be hard for him. Emil is such a magnificent artist, but he's wasting that good gift doing crap. Ha! He should be facing the world, instead he just sitting in the house bragging about games. Once again, his childhoo…

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  • Silviu200530

    Wannacry it's a cyber virus created by hackers to steal personal dates if don't pay coins with paycheck and can raise if you don't pay

    you guys have idea how avoid this virus l'm worried all persons from wikia can have this cyber-virus

    One from my ideas if you got it it's Install your windows i mean restart all dates and there you will put speaker,mozila Norton/Anti Virus

    Suggering device can protect you from this cyber-virus Install Norton or Anti-Virus these links can help your computer

    I need your help about this thing you realized something or you know how to avoid or end with this virus?

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  • Whitemare or an extremely, I dont know

    Why does monster Cat look like he's dancing? A: Even monsters need a good jig! Q:Is RAT right handed? A:Yup, and I have something to prove it!A: nah.... if his fist is curled up that means attack so he's really left-handed. But, NO!!! Rat right! left! RIGHT! LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT! Nah.... I think he doesn't have a preference. Q:Can you get the Penguin out of the office when he's in it? A:Sure, throw a sardine in a hallway, then close the door, but only after pengu gets out, wait, that's one sardine, and you have a can of it, so pengu will still go for you, SO JUST THROW THE SARDINES AND CAN IN HALLWAY! Q:How tall is Candy? A: four feet at most. Q:Why does Monster Cat have a brown highlight around his lips sometimes? A: He loves chocolate milk,…

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  • The1truepickaxe

    Okay guys, I'm going to attempt something incredibly ambitious, and that is to piece everything together about this series. It may seem like Emil Macko left the series unfinished, but in reality he has tied up every single loose end and completely explained the lore.


    Now, in order for any of this to make sense, I am going to point out Emil Macko's use of symbolism. This game is not meant to be interpreted literally, as some parts of the original FNAF series are. For example, Monster RAT and Monster CAT are explicitly stated to be "nightmares". That means that what you are seeing isn't necessarily real. But it isn't fake, it simply is a representation for something el…

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  • Noobgamer9175

    The wiki is all over the place and all this happened in 2 days... the quality of the wiki went down in 2 days... Wow.

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  • TheBearNamedFred

    When I was watching YouTube playthroughs of the game, the thing that annoyed me the most is when I say comments saying. "ooh i cant wait for FNaC 4!"

    When I told him that Emil confirmed that there WAS no fourth game, he's just all "oreally what's your proof?"

    And there were a plethora of these. Gosh.

    Not to sound whiny or anything, but Emil isn't Scott, where he says one thing but does another. There will be no FNaC 4.

    It was a great game.

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  • Candy superfan

    Everyone has been wondering when the last game in the series will be out. Well from recent reports from Emil Macko (the creator of the game) Emil has said he was working very hard on the game and wanted it to be finished by the end of July and the beginning of August. Unfortunately Emil said the game is going to take longer so it will be expected to be out toward the ending of August and beginning of September. Even though it is still going to be a while until it's out Emil has said he likes the way the game looks so far and he thinks it is going to be an enjoyable game for all the FNAC fans out there to play.

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  • Semerone


    I'm Semerone, a fan of the Kishin Douji Zenki series and the founder of Kishin Douji Zenki Wikia.

    I started a wiki, because I think that Kishin Douji Zenki very underrated and has very few pages on the internet in general.

    Therefore I would be really happy to see this series get more popular and maybe there'll be an English translation of all Kishin Douji Zenki manga and games, maybe also some new material of the series.

    Back in 2003, a few friends and me visited a pawn shop and bought some SNES games. Two of them were Zenki games. I was curious, because I had never heard of Zenki before and popped the Kishin Douji Zenki - Batoru Raiden cartridge into my SNES. After a few Game Overs, I got the hang on the game, but as I couldn't read the j…

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  • The-interdimensional-seeker

    Recently, I Got A Message About If Im Emil Or Not.

    I Am Not Emil.

    I Was Only Doing A Little Joke.

    But I Realized, Alot Of People (Especially Admins) Were Offended By This Joke.

    I Didn't Mean To Hurt Anyones Feelings Or Belifes (Sorry If I Didn't Spell Belifes Right :(.)

    And I Have Changed My Info.

    I Didn't Change My Name (The-interdimensional-seeker) Because I Don't Know How.

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  • Semerone

    Fanmade Content

    April 8, 2016 by Semerone
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  • CandyTheCat556
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  • NylarthePhoenix

    Hello. I am making this to ask if anyone else saw that during night 6 the times are in PM instead of AM. Does mean anything to the plot or is it a glitch?

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  • Wikianin2005

    As we know things that RAT did are:destruction of Chester,killing child,and security guard(then two of guards that we play in the games(if player got jumpscared because of him)).Also he made police think that New Candy killed security guard.

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  • FreddyOfAxes

    More photos

    February 27, 2016 by FreddyOfAxes

    I just wanted to say that in some Cam pages, not everyone that goes to that location is pictured. I think that more photos for animatronics in the cams would be good. Photos are out there somewhere.

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  • Scientedfic

    Some new Speculation

    February 23, 2016 by Scientedfic


    Hello everybody, this is Scientedfic, and I am an administrator for this wiki.

    So some people are aware of the new crackdown on the security and rules. Welp, as PalomonsF has been quite explicit about, this is a zero tolerance wiki.

    At least, according to him.

    However, for me, I have much more tolerance (maybe not for breaking rules, but at least listening to them). If anyone has any complaints, they can file it to me, and I'll look into the matter.

    Also, about the no new page about FNAC 2 and no new picture, that's cause of some intentional vandalisms that have occurred before. We want to make this wiki and community, and, at least for now, ask PalomonsF or me for permission to use a photo. Later on, perhap…

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  • CandyTheDeadlyCat

    Just say "It's my birthday" or "happy birthday to me" (yeah, I think you'd go for the second one) for a free Happy Birthday! Not that great, but hey... at lest SOMEONE'S offering this!

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  • HTFandGodzillafangirl1954

    Just to let you guys know the trailer for FNaC 2 is out

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  • Scientedfic

    Chester confirmed!

    January 26, 2016 by Scientedfic

    Chester has officially been confirmed by Emil Ace Macko.

    Also, this is the last teaser until the trailer.

    What do you guys think?

    Also, think of the caption "Why didn't they like me?" What can this signify?

    It would be great to hear your guys's thoughts.

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  • SeacraftGaming712

    I'm new to this wiki and I'm finding pages all over the place. Some look organised but others (even ones of similar categories) look completely different. I think there should be a proper layout for these pages. If you want to look for yourself, just click random page a few times until you get what I mean.

    Also, some images are quite good quality, and have clearly been taken from the game files. Others are screenshots of gameplay (it's still fairly good quality though). My problem is that I want to know the quality standards. After all, I am new to this wiki.

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  • Nat García


    January 9, 2016 by Nat García

    I am Nat García and i'm helping on this wiki.

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  • Scientedfic

    Thoughts for food?

    December 22, 2015 by Scientedfic

    Apparently, FNaC2 is coming out (supposedly) in 2016.


    Now patience.

    Ya see, many people berate creators with questions like "Oh when will the game be released?" or "Will there be a demo?"


    Stop asking.

    Cause if a creator says he/she will release it soon, follow it, but stay quiet.

    Do not berate Emil Ace Macko for a game that will turn out wonderful if she takes her time.

    If you want a quality game, WAIT.

    Thank you.

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  • FNAFfanforever

    It could be possible that Emil Ace Macko will put Nightmare Candy in FNAC2. I mean, he made the model, and it shouldn't go to waste. I am just hoping he will be there because it would be kind of cool if Nightmare Candy was in FNAC 2. It's just my hope (and probably alot other's hopes).

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  • Real cookie

    mary schmidt theroy.

    November 10, 2015 by Real cookie

    why dose she have schmidt as her last name so think mother some think sister or wife to mike Schmidt the answer is NOPE mike schmindt has no mother,sister or wife that name mary Schmidt because mike Schmidt is a base ball player name and has no one in his family named mary his wifes name is donna and sister name is Lois and daughter name is Jessica so no she not anything to do with mike so they last name are the same but that it *PROOF* .

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  • EliteBrinley


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  • Real cookie


    November 7, 2015 by Real cookie

    WHO THE *PINGAS* IS NETTY!?! Someone plz tell me?

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  • EspeonAsADragon

    der is lotss of dee grammars failz on this will. I QUEEN OF FIXIN DA GRAMMARS.

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  • EspeonAsADragon

    THis game looks super cool! who agrees? i dont know too much about it though...

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  • ThatRandomFox

    Imma try

    September 30, 2015 by ThatRandomFox

    imma edit parts of this wiki so this wiki can look better!

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  • Real cookie

    Hi I am real cookie

    September 28, 2015 by Real cookie

    hello there I am Real cookie and like cookies!

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  • DFTP

    Penguin is a Good Guy

    August 25, 2015 by DFTP

    IDK? He's so cutie, and he doesn't attack you at all, he also nice and not rude.

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