Backstage 2 is a location from Five Nights At Candy's. It is located near the Left Door. Chester, Candy, The Rat and Old Candy are seen there while they are approaching the player.


Cam 7 displays a shelf with some tubes, bricks, and a cartoon style Old Candy cardboard head which looks like Tom from Tom and Jerry. The walls have a purple triangle pattern. The floor is white and black checkered, like the rest of the building. A door is seen in the back of the camera, which is where RAT comes from.


  • Despite the door being opened by The Rat, the player is never able to see what is in the room behind it; as is the style of camera placement in the Five Nights at Freddy's series.
  • This cartoon styled head is styled on Old Candy unlike others that are styled on Candy the cat.
  • Old Candy, Chester the chimpanzee and Candy have similar positions while in this room.